Dental Education & Seminars

Prexion is committed to forming strong partnerships with continuing education organizations in the field of dental surgery and diagnostics. The organizations below have extensive experience in training dentists to utilize Cone Beam Computed Tomography when evaluating patients, creating treatment plans and presenting cases. All use Prexion3D imaging technology because of its remarkable clarity and diagnostic detail. If you are considering continuing implant education, we recommend learning with one of our partners.

Implant Educators

“Mentorship is the key to learning” Our co-directors will continue to help you long after you have finished the course. This ongoing support makes us different. Implant Educators looks forward to helping you to reach your goals in implant dentistry. When you learn why, when and how to place and restore dental implants, you can easily incorporate them into your practice. It is exciting for the dentist and extremely beneficial to the patients.”

Glidewell International Technology Center

The Glidewell International Technology Center is dedicated to providing contemporary, technology-focused continuing dental education. We endeavor to provide relevant comprehensive programs that cover all aspects of modern implant and restorative dentistry and assist in elevating the standard of care within the dental industry.

Philadelphia Implant Educators

This course will begin with case identification using the SAC classification system before moving to treatment planning straightforward cases and progressing to the basics of bone grafting and implant placement. Subsequent didactic sessions will cover diagnosis using CBCT scanning, fabrication of surgical guides for computer guided surgeries, placement of implants in models and pig jaws, suturing techniques, and prosthetic restoration of implant cases, including single-unit cases and mandibular overdentures. This course is ideal for clinicians interested in learning about implant treatment planning, placement and restoration.

Tatum Institute USA

The goal is for your practice to grow by expanding your knowledge and experiences in treatment of patients. We emphasize treatment planning the will allow the majority of patients to be stable for the rest of their life. This is accomplished by managing the forces transferred into the bone from prosthetic components through the supporting abutments.

Stephen Wallace, DDS, MHS

Most graft surgery for recession treatment can now be done without palate surgery. Acellular dermis is as effective as connective tissue with a simplified technique without tunneling. Biologic growth factors produce rapid healing and minimal post-surgery inflammation or pain, and with better results.

Denver Implant Study Club

The Denver Implant Study Club (D.I.S.C) was developed by Dr. Aldo Leopardi, prosthodontist and is produced and powered by The Knowledge Factory. Introduced in February of 2003, it is an ongoing comprehensive study club directed towards the restorative treatment and surgical considerations of dental implants. “Developed by a professional, for professionals…” This professional study club is unlike any other.