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Bundled PreXion 3D Viewer Software

ALL Prexion3D CBCT scanners include The Prexion3D Viewer software at no additional charge. It contains easy modules for evaluating dedicated 2D Panoramic, 2D Cephalometric, and 3D images. Prexion provides the clinician with the most accurate assessment of the bone and surrounding anatomy while making 1:1 exact measurements. This assures optimal implant placement without the superimposition of tissue or projection distortion compared to conventional panoramic systems. Prexion3D reconstructs to DICOM 3.0 format and is compatible with major 3rd party surgical planning software systems.

  • Better diagnose patients with more detail and clarity
  • Present cases more confidently, increase acceptance
  • Create the WOW factor with patients

Software Features

  • Load multiple patient scans on a single screen
  • Synchronize pre and post operative scans and detect differences, slice-by-slice


  • Quickly capture 3D animated video clips for patient education, case acceptance and lecture presentations
  • Increase case acceptance through better patient understanding
  • Automatically save 3D image reports to MS Word template and attach to patient’s practice management record
  • Collaborate with referring dentists by burning a patient disc with sample viewer
  • Capture and email images quickly
  • Work on cases from home or a satellite office without long connectivity delays
  • Lead virtual online treatment planning meetings remotely with Prexion3D
  • Prexion3D CBCT scanners do not require computer hardware upgrades
  • Does not slow down network bandwidth like other CBCT scanners


  • Use our extensive library or customize your own library
  • Save your case workup as a scene or create multiple saved scenes with a single scan
  • Save time with over 20 pre-made 3D volume rendering templates or customize your own
  • Slab Feature allows the clinician to see inside structures while rotating the 3D image
  • Cut away structures to see exactly what is pertinent to your study
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