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Boosting Credibility Through Technology

Boosting Credibility Through Technology

As a dentist or oral health specialist, the number one priority for creating and maintaining financial success is attracting new patients and converting them into patients for life. While the foundation of this effort is built on high-quality work and a robust referral program, practices are finding that they need additional tools to differentiate themselves amidst slowing markets and an abundance of competitors. Existing efforts can be strengthened greatly by building credibility through a focus on patient experience. The patient experience begins far before one takes a seat in the dental chair, but rather at the very moment they decide to seek out a dental care provider. Creating an omnichannel experience that’s both convenient and also impressive can help move prospects down the sales funnel and convert them into returning and referring patients.

The patient’s experience with your practice begins the moment they seek it out. This is also the moment where your practice gets to make a first impression and establish credibility and trustworthiness. Simplify the patient’s research process by implementing search engine optimization so that your website is easy to find and provides the exact information the prospect is seeking as soon as they conduct their search. Next, make sure your website is optimized for mobile use. As internet users increasingly opt for mobile searches over desktop, search engines have begun examining mobile functionality first and ranking accordingly. Make sure your website functions correctly on multiple devices and in different browsers. A seamless online experience helps build trust with prospects, a trust that will influence their final decision when choosing a dental professional.

Next, consider offering online scheduling if you do not already. This provides a streamlined way to generate new business while simplifying matters for patients who prefer not to talk on the phone or cannot call the office during normal business hours. Once the patient has booked an appointment, make sure the practice has a system in place for confirming their appointment, whether by email, text message or both (but make sure you make it easy for them to opt-out if they desire). Include directions, parking instructions and any other pertinent information in these correspondences to create an even easier experience. Demonstrating your practice’s understanding of patient needs and deftly providing measures that meet them helps build credibility and reliability that will help build trust with you in the long term.

 Once patients are in the door, it’s critical to maintain the credibility you’ve already established, and in-office technology is a great way to do so. Consider providing tablets or digital check-in kiosks. In addition to enhancing the check-in process for patients, this also helps eliminate paper waste while improving your office’s digital workflow. Next, make sure the technology in the exam room keeps the patient in mind. One of the best ways to do this is with cone beam CT (CBCT) technology. CBCT scanners use advanced methods to quickly and easily provide imaging in far less time than traditional methods while limiting radiation exposure. CBCT scanners also provide a range of patient positioning options so patients of any height or body type can remain comfortable. Advanced imaging is also a great tool for providing patient education, allowing you to explain your findings and recommendations with crystal-clear pictures from multiple angles – allowing patients to fully understand and appreciate your services. Many practices lack a consistent focus on patient education, so providing this additional benefit will help establish a perception of medical prowess among patients that they likely haven’t experienced before

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