Case Studies

Root Fracture

A factor that cannot be ignored is the identification of defects not visible on panoramic or periapical films. CBCT 3d dental imaging eliminate misdiagnosis or adding procedures during surgery that patients had not expected. The regular 2D X-ray image suggests a possible issue with an endodontic treatment. However, it is insufficient for a clear diagnosis and uncertainty may remain. Alternatively, the sagittal multi-planar reconstruction view from the PreXion3D CBCT dental scan clearly reveals a root fracture. With the PreXion3D CBCT machine, one can increase diagnostic accuracy and confidence, reducing the risk for the patient.

Maxillary Impacted Canine Tooth

Conventional 2D images (Panorama / Periapical) can only be evaluated from one set angle. On the contrary, 3d dental imaging provided by a CBCT 3D dental scanner can be evaluated from different angles. Accurate and detailed information on the inner structure can be obtained.


The panoramic image below shows only a slight shadow. However, the PreXion3D (MPR: Coronal view) reveals the state of the eruption and the exact position of the maxillary impacted canine tooth. The 3D Volume Rendering (VR) view reveals even more detailed information of the impaction.