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PreXion CBCT scan machine delivers clarity and precision at every customer touchpoint, from product research and 3D dental imaging solutions to education and support.

Top-Quality 3D Imaging

Diagnostically, 3D dental imaging is a must-have in the clinical settings of today’s world. PreXion 3D CBCT machine
offers the clearest, most precise image in the industry at an incredible price point. The clarity of the image is unparalleled by competing solutions and the precision is unrivaled. Analysis of an image this sharp means more precise treatment planning and the best possible clinical outcomes. With most imaging solutions, higher image quality requires higher radiation. Only PreXion CBCT machine offers high imaging with low radiation levels. The PreXion3D Excelsior CBCT Scanner features accurate 360-degree rotation, 512-1,024 projected views, a dedicated 2D pan mode option and the clearest detail with 0.3mm focal spot and 0.08-0.2mm voxel. The PreXion3D Excelsior 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 features a ceph mode option, dedicated true pan and reconstructed pan, optional wide-mode field of view at 15cm x 13cm and a “light” 3D rapid-mode for reduced radiation. This is truly impressive technology.

Unmatched Commitment to Education

PreXion has cultivated a tight-knit circle of key opinion leaders made up of specialty physicians that precisely understand the PreXion technology and resulting clinical outcomes firsthand. These doctors offer PreXion customers exclusive hands-on free dental continuing education webinars nationwide like Implant Prosthetics, Advanced Bone Grafting and 6-Day Live Patient Surgical Externship. This is the most precise 3D imaging education available today. Educational videos are also available online, making it easy for PreXion customers and their teams to continuously access the information they need. In the spirit of education, PreXion is committed to forming strong partnerships with continuing education organizations in the field of dental surgery and diagnostics, including Catapult Education and Smile Source, among others. Additionally, the advisory board made up of industry experts and key opinion leaders propel the company and the device forward with an extreme focus and value of product R&D coupled with continuing education.

Excellent Service

PreXion is deeply committed to listening to the customer’s voice. The PreXion mission is to always be passionate about answering support calls and delivering excellent customer care. It is PreXion’s vision to build trust across the industry by providing each customer the ideal treatment, precisely tending to each and every inquiry. PreXion customers have described the support team as steady, dependable, and hard-working, with support technicians treating each customer as the most important one. While competitors’ customers must go through distribution branches for support, PreXion customers are directly connected to headquarters to access robust, timely, and precise support. PreXion never contracts out support roles and only employs certified technicians. This ensures the technology will be back in optimum working order within 24-48 hours. Once customers purchase PreXion, they never go to another brand, in part because of this unprecedented commitment to excellent customer service.

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