Dental Product Shopper: Review of the Excelsior PRO 3D

“Something just doesn’t feel right” is all a patient had to say to Dr. Kevin Shively to convince him that further exploration might be necessary. After two other dentists were unable to find anything wrong, Dr. Shively saw something that looked “different” on an x-ray and was determined to solve the mystery. He scanned the patient with his PreXion Excelsior PRO, a CBCT system with advanced 3D dental imaging technology and top-quality images and, luckily for the patient, discovered “a very large periapical radiolucency that was draining into the sinuses” as well as 4 additional infections. “The patient had no idea,” said Dr. Shively, and neither did the 2 previous dentists.

This is just one example of how Excelsior PRO can elevate diagnostics and treatment for a dental practice and deliver what really matters — the best patient care possible. “Patients love how thorough it allows me to be,” noted Dr. Shively, who said CBCT scans save time compared to x-rays and give him “much more information than a panoramic and full-mouth series.” He said using Excelsior PRO enhances his digital workflow for implant planning and placement and allows for more accurate guided surgery.


Ease of Use

With PreXion’s 3D Viewer Software, users can quickly capture and manipulate images for thorough diagnosis, securely send patient data throughout the practice, and attach 3D reports to patient records to collaborate with referring clinicians — all with no hardware upgrades. Users can also access patient scans remotely, and Excelsior PRO is compatible with all DICOM-compliant third-party implant surgical guides and CAD/DICOM merging software programs.

Endodontist Grace Chu called the software easy to learn and use, and Dr. Steven Rattner said he appreciates being able to quickly transfer DICOM into patient files, as he does for implant cases, wisdom teeth extractions, and endodontic treatment.

“[It gives me a] better diagnostic, treatment planning, and presentation tool for patient acceptance.”

Allen Lee, DMD; Las Vegas, NV

Dental Product Shopper: Review of the PreXion 3D Excelsior PRO:

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