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When using PreXion’s implant planning can the saved placements in dentition automatically transfer to make a surgical guide?

3rd party software must be used for surgical guides. The original PreXion dicom data can be exported/imported to any program which accepts dicom datasets.


Can PreXion images be loaded to practice management software like Dentrix, EagleSoft and others?

Individual captured images like pano’s can be transferred to PM software by manual importing. There also exists a TWAIN feature that can automatically transfer dedicated pano images to PM database. For CBCT scans 3rd party datagrabber software can also transfer the pano images. The PreXion patient scans can be accessed by any intra-office PC (client PC’s). No additional dongles or licenses are necessary and can be added to new computers later on as well.


Can PreXion studies be accessed from offsite locations?

Login remotely from offsite is available through programs on the internet. The IT representatives can recommend one like Team Viewer or others.


Is it possible to take PreXion patient datascans offsite or for a dentist to work at home without a login connection to the main Viewer through an internet connection?

The CBCT data scan is downloaded/copied to a PrexViewer CD/DVD, USB or if by Zip folder transferred to DropBox or similar large file transfer programs. The Viewer program is also copied along with all the methods mentioned, but not the Implant Planning functions. This is reserved for users who own PreXion CBCT scanners.


Will the PreXion scan with appliances in the mouth and also separately?

Yes and if separately there is the flat chinrest platform to rest the appliance on. This is supplied with the scanner at installation or by request. The Excelsior scanner has a scan mode for such dedicated appliance scans.


Does the Excelsior have an option for a very small field of view (FOV) for only one tooth?

The smallest FOV is 5cm x 5cm and this works quite well when targeting a sectional quadrant scan as for Endo purposes. As for evaluation in software selection of the 3D image in 1 mm slab mode is especially helpful for endodontic evaluations.


Can the Excelsior scan for TMJ scans?

Yes in either wide modes with a 15cm width which will also display the dental arches. In addition, there is a scan mode that targets just the right and left TMJ condyle joints and only one scan is necessary. The software will display the right and left sides separately.


Is it possible to get bitewing x-rays from the Excelsior?

There is a designated scan mode for Bite Wings especially for those patients who cannot tolerate an intraoral scan due to the gag reflex.


How often should the scanner be checked for calibration and satisfy state regulations?

Suggest calibration check at least once a year and PreXion can check datasets anytime to inspect. Each state has specific and different requirements so customer needs to check. Sometimes physicists need to evaluate and report on the scanner rad levels output.


Can radiation levels be adjusted for each patient scan in the Excelsior?

There is a lot of variety for pre-selection of modes, exposure times, power and various sizes of patients in the scanner setup. One can see all the above parameters in the patient page and see the displayed dosages in the preferred units of microSieverts (uSv).


After the install and initial onsite training is more assistance available in the future?

Yes, both live and remote login assistance plus phone is available upon request. Our excellent tech support team is also available just a phone call away. Additional software sessions can be scheduled in advance with one of our trainers.


How and what files should be backed up from the PreXion data and PC’s?

PreXion has recommended certain files to be backed up. The dentist’s IT rep or company is often involved in the process using their preferred methods or we can recommend a method. Our tech support team can interact with your IT rep(s).


Can PreXion scans be outputted to 3D printers?

The PreXion on board dicom can be converted to an STL file format required by 3D printers however many of our dentists prefer to import the CBCT dicom dataset to various 3rd party software programs dedicated for such purposes. An intraoral scan married up with the CBCT scan and imported to 3rd party software and then the 3D printer seems like the recommended method.


Can specific Manufacturer implant models be loaded to customize the PreXion software Implant Planning library?

Yes, there is an extensive library of models on the list. If PreXion does not have specific models we ask the manufacturers for them. We prefer to receive the real shapes (STL) formats however some manufacturers are reluctant to release them however we can use the XML shapes which are simple volume occupying replicas correctly sized but without the thread-like appearances.


Is it possible to create a little movie and save separately for outside review purposes?

Individual captured screen clips of various lengths can be converted to a movie either in 3D mode or displayed as CT generated images. Movies can be saved within the PreXion Patient List or transferred outside the program as in power points or emails.


Can cephalometric scans be performed or added on later if desired?

There is a separate attachment for the ceph mode and can be added on later providing the room space dimensions will accommodate it.