Investing in an Easier Office Workflow

Office workflow

Investing in an Easier Office Workflow

The future of the modern dental practice is here today. Modern office technology has allowed dentists and dental specialists to achieve a workflow that helps maximize productivity, while improving the patient experience. The best part is that the necessary technological resources are now much more affordable than they were even ten years ago. At this point, there is no excuse to operate an antiquated, old-fashioned practice. Not only can doing so hamper your productivity, but it is unlikely to live up to the expectations of the modern, discerning dental patient.

Procuring a simplified, state-of-the-art office workflow is an investment, not an expense. You and your team will save time, your production will increase and your patients’ improved experience will bolster your local reputation and referral traffic. So, how exactly can you go about improving your workflow? Here are a few key areas on which to focus.

Automated Billing

The advantages of a digital accounts receivable system are seemingly boundless. Implementing one will free up a considerable number of hours for your office staff, allowing them to reallocate their time however you see fit. It also offers a contactless payment method, something still on the minds of many as COVID-19 case numbers continue to fluctuate. Automated billing can also reduce the legwork of chasing down individual patients as many payments will process automatically. Those that do not have this option can then receive the necessary level of attention.

A Dental CRM System

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it is an integral tool for staying connected with current patients and reaching new ones. A CRM system can help you organize all of your current patient information while adding new patients or people who reach out to inquire about your practice and offerings. As a medical professional, you are likely aware of how valuable patient medical records can be, and thus how important it is to keep them secure. This is why you must select a CRM system designed for dentists. These specifically are created for healthcare purposes, and many of them are HIPAA compliant right out of the box. Here is a list of CRM software platforms for dentists.

In-office Technology

Advanced diagnostics technology can also help improve your workflow. For example, some of the most cutting-edge cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner manufacturers have been able to improve clinician production and performance not only with their superior imaging, but also with their improved workflows. For example, some newer CBCT models come with advanced patient management systems that are designed for secure and networked patient data communication across multiple rooms of a practice. These systems can easily be integrated into your office’s existing technological infrastructure.

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