PreXion, Inc. Announces Launch of New PreXion Excelsior CBCT

PreXion, Inc. Announces Launch of New PreXion Excelsior CBCT

PreXion, Inc., global provider of advanced CBCT equipment in the dental industry, has announced the launch of their new PreXion3D Excelsior CBCT scan machine into the dental market. Still having the smallest focal point in the industry, PreXion has also advanced all other core CBCT technologies including the X-Ray tube and the Flat Panel Detector (FPD).  The new Excelsior CBCT couples the smallest focal spot (0.3 mm) with the following: a voxel size of 0.1 – 0.2; 1024 volume size; 360° gantry rotation; and advancements in the PreXion software. Because of these advances, PreXion can deliver 30% lower radiation exposure without compromising the image quality.


The PreXion software flawlessly integrates into our customer’s network without any specialized hardware.  The PreXion3D Viewer can be installed on any Windows PC on the network, allowing scans to be viewed from any computer (with no additional or annual viewer licensing fees).


The launch of the PreXion Excelsior 3D CBCT machine will coincide with a change in business model from direct sales to distribution.


About PreXion, Inc.

PreXion has over 15 years experience with DICOM image processing and software visualization.  PreXion has improved the reliability and quality of all CBCT core technologies including the X-Ray Tube and the Flat Panel Detector (FPD) for both CT and Cephalometric. All done in-house, PreXion is supplying superior quality products from our state of the art factory in Japan with excellence in quality assurance, production, and manufacturing flexibility.  The result is enhanced clarity with lower radiation.