PreXion Launches New Faster, Lower Radiation PreXion3D Elite Cone Beam Imaging System

PreXion Launches New Faster, Lower Radiation PreXion3D Elite Cone Beam Imaging System

San Mateo, CA – PreXion, Inc., Feb. 18, 2011 (PreXion ) the leader in high-quality 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Imaging systems for dentistry, today announced that it has launched and started shipping a new 3D cone beam imaging product, the PreXion3D Elite with CLEARimage Scanning Technology.

The new system incorporates PreXion’s proprietary CLEARimage technology that produces industry leading high quality, high definition images while reducing radiation exposure by up to 53% in a fast 8.6-second scan. The Elite will be showcased at the upcoming Chicago Dental Society’s 146th Midwinter Dental meeting in booth number 804 from 24-26 February 2011.

The Prexion3D Elite is the result of years of research and development focused on providing the dental community with the highest quality and most diagnostic images possible. In addition to significant reductions in radiation exposure and faster scanning times, this new dental CBCT system offers a wide range of innovations:


1. Up to a 53% reduction in radiation exposure;

2. Up to a 50% reduction in scanning time;

3. Four new scanning modes, all faster and with reduced radiation:

  • RAPID – 8.6-second full mandible & maxilla scan for use in most clinical situations;
  • HIGH DEF – 16.8-second full mandible & maxilla scan providing higher resolution and detail for difficult clinical cases;
  • HIGH RES – 16.8-second limited area scan providing higher resolution and detail for targeted quadrant diagnosis
  • ULTRA HIGH DEF – 33.5-second full mandible & maxilla scan providing the highest level of resolution and detail for maximum clarity and anatomical detail.

4. GREEN environmental Computer Server reducing energy consumption by more than 50%;

5. Advanced Software Features- PreXion3D Viewer:

  • Fusion/Stitching Mode;
  • New Endodontic Tracing Tool that allows for identifying root structures with a 0.2mm marker;
  • New Panoramic support in the PrexViewer DVD creator;
  • Enhanced diagnostic capability with a more detailed slice thickness of 0.1 or 0.15mm for 2D protocol output;
  • Enhanced Raysum mode with new 32x & 64x modes;
  • Automatic Database Backup System for added information security.


PreXion’s Director of Marketing, Keith Bateman, noted, “Prexion has long been known as the industry leader in producing very high-quality images that provide clinicians with the most diagnostic images in dentistry. With the launch of the new PreXion3D Elite Cone Beam Imaging System with CLEARimage Scanning Technology, PreXion has distanced itself from competitors with faster, lower radiation scanning while maintaining image quality and diagnostic capability.”

“This updated volumetric imaging software further enhances the power and flexibility of our industry-leading software and high-quality 3D CBCT images. It also demonstrates our commitment to listen to our customers, focus our R&D on their needs and maximize their investments in CBCT technology. PreXion is committed to continuing to lead in imaging technology R&D and is focused on providing our customers with excellent support. High-quality 3D images enhance diagnostics and treatment planning for a wide range of procedures including dental implants, surgical procedures, endodontics, periodontics, restorative dentistry and even general dentistry. 3D CBCT imaging is becoming standard of care in many instances.”

The enhanced PreXion3D software incorporates, and is totally integrated with, implant planning tools that allow clinicians to quickly and easily locate and mark the mandibular canal, nerves and place virtual implants. These markings and implants are immediately visible in the 3D, axial, coronal and sagittal views, visualizing patient’s anatomy with accuracy and precision. This is done chair-side with the patient moments after completing the scan and enhances patient consultations and treatment acceptance.


About PreXion, Inc.

PreXion, Inc. (PreXion ), the leader in high quality 3D Cone Beam Imaging systems for dentistry, was established to focus on the development, distribution, and service of high quality dental and industrial CBCT scanners and imaging software. The PreXion3D Cone Beam CT scanner is unrivaled in delivering the highest quality images with the fastest processing times and providing the dental community with powerful user-friendly 3D tools. PreXion 3D CBCT systems provide the dental community with tools for faster, more complete and more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. PreXion is a spin-off company of TeraRecon, Inc.( ), a technology solutions provider of advanced 3D imaging systems for medical and industrial applications since 1997.