Product FAQ

Does the Excelsior 3D CBCT machine have an option for a very small field of view (FOV) for only one tooth?

The smallest FOV is 5cm x 5cm and this works quite well when targeting a sectional quadrant scan as for Endo purposes. As for evaluation in software selection of the 3D image in 1 mm slab mode is especially helpful for endodontic evaluations.


Can the Excelsior CBCT machine scan for TMJ scans?

Yes in either wide modes with a 15cm width which will also display the dental arches. In addition, there is a scan mode that targets just the right and left TMJ condyle joints and only one scan is necessary. The software will display the right and left sides separately.


Is it possible to get bitewing x-rays from the Excelsior CBCT scan machine?

There is a designated scan mode for Bite Wings especially for those patients who cannot tolerate an intraoral scan due to the gag reflex.


How often should the 3D dental imaging scanner be checked for calibration and satisfy state regulations?

Suggest calibration check at least once a year and PreXion can check datasets anytime to inspect. Each state has specific and different requirements so the customer needs to check. Sometimes physicists need to evaluate and report on the scanner rad levels output.


Can radiation levels be adjusted for each patient scan in the Excelsior 3D CBCT machine?

There is a lot of variety for pre-selection of modes, exposure times, power and various sizes of patients in the scanner setup. One can see all the above parameters in the patient page and see the displayed dosages in the preferred units of microSieverts (uSv).