“When I was initially introduced to the PreXion CBCT technology, I was highly impressed with the image clarity. I was equally impressed with the support and training staff members that PreXion provided my practice. This made it easier for my staff to integrate this into my practice seamlessly.

Because the Midwest Implant Institute has taught post-doctoral cosmetic and dental implant procedures since 1986, we are very selective with whom we work with and the products and equipment we incorporate into our curriculum. Our attendees are amazed at the quality that brings PreXion 3-D imaging and case planning for restorative dentistry into their practices. The images make it easier to complete dental implant cases with precision, predictability and profitably.

PreXion’s CBCT system is not just for doctors who perform implant dentistry. PreXion technology for 3-D imaging provides a clinician the ability to diagnose endodontic and periodontal situations that can go undiagnosed with other traditional radiographic technology and techniques.”

– Dr. Thomas Bilski

“There are few items in my practice that elicit the level of WOW factor as my PreXion CBCT. It is my choice because it’s user-friendly, priced right and gives the best images in the industry. It has reenergized my staff and it’s another exciting tool in my arsenal that makes my life easier at the office. I could not practice without it!”

– Dr. Sam Halabo

“When I decided to buy a cone beam X-ray machine, I was lucky enough to meet PreXion at the Ohio State Dental meeting. I was impressed by Natasha’s knowledge, her willingness to come to our office, and her ability to answer all of our questions.

After buying the PreXion CBCT and having it installed, we were again fortunate to have Tony come to our office to train our staff. The time spent by PreXion to ensure our training made us very comfortable with the technology and our integration.

Some companies sell their products and then disappear from your lives…not so with PreXion! I am really happy with my purchase and am really impressed by their fantastic staff.”

– Dr. Dwight Poole

“The most important aspect when shopping for a CBCT for an office is image quality. My PreXion unit offers unmatched image quality at an affordable price. I could not practice anymore without it!”

– Dr. Ron Kaminer

“After looking at the different CBCT units available in the marketplace, we chose PreXion based on the PreXion specifications, low radiation, and state of the art imaging. We are excited to be able to better diagnose periodontal disease and treatment plan for implants. In addition, we were very pleased by the training provided by PreXion which has been vital to help us learn how to use our CBCT to the fullest.”

– Dr. Richard Newhart, Periodontist

“I have been using PreXion 3-D Imaging in my office for the last 4 years. PreXion technology gives me the clearest and most diagnostic images and information available. Our PreXion aids in patient education, improving patient case presentation and treatment planning. This increases efficiency and productivity in the work place. I believe this will be the standard of care for all patients.”

Dr. Thomas Shortell