5 ways to boost dentist production

The first notion that comes to many dentists when it comes to increasing dental practice production is to add new patients, yet this is not necessarily the most effective nor lasting way to sustain high production. One often overlooked area for boosting production is staff training. Staff training is an investment that pays off in the long run by increasing productivity, improving the patient experience and generating greater revenue per patient. Here are 5 ways to increase production through staff training:

1. Improve Communication Skills.

Effective communication skills are essential for any staff member in a dental practice. Communication skills help staff to interact with patients, understand their concerns and expectations, and provide them with the best possible care. A lack of communication skills can lead to misunderstandings and dissatisfaction among patients – and even patient attrition, which no practice wants or needs. Staff training can focus on developing effective communication skills to improve patient experience and thereby patient retention and even referrals.

2. Improve Technical Skills.

Dental technology is constantly evolving, and staff members need to keep up with the latest trends and techniques. Training can be provided to improve technical skills in the use of CBCT 3D imaging solutions, for example, to help staff better understand how to operate and maintain the equipment. This can help to reduce equipment downtime and improve the quality of imaging, leading to better diagnosis and treatment planning.

3. Boost Patient Confidence.

Patient confidence is an important factor in dental practice production. When patients are confident in the staff and the quality of care provided, they are more likely to return and recommend the practice to others. Staff training can focus on building patient confidence by providing staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle patients’ concerns and questions with empathy and professionalism.

4. Enhance Efficiency.

Efficiency is critical in any dental practice. Staff training can help identify inefficiencies in processes and procedures and provide staff with the tools to optimize them. This can lead to reduced waiting times for patients, better use of resources, and improved patient flow.

5. Increase Retention.

Beyond helping to increase revenue by improving productivity, staff training can increase staff retention. Once the practice has attracted the right staff, highly competent dental team members thrive in settings where they are learning and improving skills. Retain staff by gauging what training interests them, which would most benefit the practice and delivering the training that serves both parties.

The American Dental Association offers a variety of Staff Training Topics in its Guidelines for Practice Success. With the right training and support, your staff can help take your dental practice to the next level of success. 

To learn more about how CBCT technology can support in boosting production in your practice, call us today at 855-PREXION or find a product specialist in your area.

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