Why PreXion?

Since its inception in Japan in 2004, PreXion has been committed to revolutionizing medical and dental imaging. President & CEO Yasutoyo Imada has over 30 years of experience in both imaging and dental equipment manufacturing. In 2007, the company presented the PreXion 3D Elite, which offered the world’s fastest data reconstitution time. After that, it began its expansion into the United States market with the distribution of its U.S.-exclusive PreXion 3D Excelsior model. PreXion’s distribution has been rapidly expanding, serving thousands of customers across seven countries and in all 50 states.

– Over 15 years of experience in 3D DICOM image reconstruction processing and software visualization

– Noticeably the clearest, most diagnostic CBCT images available today

– Smallest CBCT focal spot (X-ray beam source) in the world at 0.3mm

– Medical CT, Ultrasound, MR and PET advanced imaging heritage from TeraRecon with over 10,000 placements in U.S. medical radiology centers

– Fastest remote access to 3D scans and dental in-office workflow

– Easy 3D animated Movie Maker & 3D patient case acceptance tools

– Most comprehensive CBCT scan machine warranty in dentistry

– Direct support helps ensure quality and reliability

– Increase case acceptance through enhanced education, and boost your ability to earn greater revenue with fewer patients


Are you interested in a PreXion product?

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