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Dental staff turnover

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“The GP’s Guide to Cone Beam Everyday Use” with Dr. Tony Tomaro
“Integrating CBCT into Your Practice” with Dr. Lou Graham
“Emergency Exams During COVID-19. The New Norm” with Dr. Lou Graham
How to Capture a 15×13 FOV Image
How to Capture a Full Arch Scan
How to Capture a Panorex Image
3D Settings and Templates
Alt Key and Pinpoint in 3 Planar Views
Annotate Text and Arrow Labels
Capture Images to Print, Save or Email
CPR Functions and Applications
Create, Save and Recall Scenes
Crop, 3D-slab and MIP
Fusion Stitch

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Implant Editor Library
Implant Planning Functions
Mandibular Canal Marking
Measurement Functions
Mouse Functions –Adjusting Images
Multi-data Loading Side-by-Side Patient Scans
Multiplanar CT Slices and Crossbars
Panoramic Image Functions
Patient List Page Loading
Pixel Density Tool – Color Template
Raysum for Smoothing Images