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prexion dental imaging technologies

What Sets Us Apart?

Top-Quality 3D Imaging

Diagnostically, 3D imaging is a must-have in the clinical settings of today’s world. PreXion offers the clearest, most precise image in the industry at an incredible price point. The clarity of the image is unparalleled by competing solutions and the precision is unrivaled. Only PreXion offers high imaging with low radiation levels.

Unmatched Commitment to Education

PreXion has cultivated a tight-knit circle of key opinion leaders made up of specialty physicians that precisely understand the PreXion technology and resulting clinical outcomes firsthand. These doctors offer PreXion customers exclusive hands-on courses nationwide. Educational videos are also available online, making it easy for PreXion customers and their teams to continuously access the information they need.

Excellent Service

PreXion is deeply committed to listening to the customer’s voice. The PreXion mission is to always be passionate about answering support calls and delivering excellent customer care. It is PreXion’s vision to build trust across the industry by providing each customer the ideal treatment, precisely tending to each and every inquiry.

Discover what CBCT can make possible for your practice.

For many clinicians and practice owners, an investment in CBCT technology from PreXion can become profitable more quickly than anticipated. Use our ROI calculator tool to compare the net income from a PreXion investment to the net expenses required to finance a product.

What is the Industry Saying?

What is the Industry Saying?

“With the PreXion CBCT, I now have the ability to comprehensively diagnose, plan, and treat every patient with confidence and accuracy. This technology directly impacts everything from sinus lifts, implant placement, bone grafting, surgical extractions, and more. This is absolutely the most valuable diagnostic tool in my practice.”


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