Dental Education

PreXion is committed to forming strong partnerships with continuing education organizations in the field of dental surgery and diagnostics. The organizations below have extensive experience in training dentists to utilize Cone Beam Computed Tomography when evaluating patients, creating treatment plans, and presenting cases. All use Prexion3D dental imaging technology because of its remarkable clarity and diagnostic detail. If you are considering continuing implant education, we recommend learning with one of our partners.

Dental staff turnover

Complimentary Radiology
& Education Package

All Excelsior PRO and Explorer purchases will include a free radiology and education package with a retail value of up to $5,899.

This includes:

  • 8 CE Credit Radiology Education Course
  • Discount on first 4 CBCT interpretations ($25 Each)
  • Up to one hundred $85 additional reports for 1 year
  • Flat fee for multiple implant sites or images portfolio

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Catapult Education

At Catapult Education they’re listening to the dental community and expanding their focus — not by reducing clinical CE or diminishing its importance, but by increasing the scope and depth of non-clinical CE as well. In their time as experts, they came across the idea that practices today effectively combine 1) clinical expertise, 2) management effectiveness, and 3) growth strategies into plans that succeed. To Catapult Education, it’s such an amazing time to be in this profession, and the opportunities are remarkable. Catapult Education’s mantra is to help practices thrive in this dynamic environment.

Stephen Wallace, DDS, MHS

Most graft surgery for recession treatment can now be done without palate surgery. Acellular dermis is as effective as connective tissue with a simplified technique without tunneling. Biologic growth factors produce rapid healing and minimal post-surgery inflammation or pain, and with better results.

Smile Source

Smile Source is a network of extraordinary dental care practitioners who strive to provide their patients with the best care available. Dedicated to preserving the elite business of independent dental care and providing highly personalized services delivered through a unique heritage of shared expertise, PreXion is proud to be a Smile Source Elite Vendor.

Sleep Group Solutions

Sleep Group Solutions is a privately held dental and medical sleep medicine education, instrumentation, and in-office training company. Based in Hollywood, Florida, and established in 2005, SGS focuses primarily on dental treatment of snoring and sleep apnea.


Today, Sleep Group Solutions stands alone as the only provider of a complete suite of solutions. Starting with continuing education courses and in-office training, screening, diagnostic and treatment instrumentation. By offering every piece of the education, screening, diagnosis, and treatment puzzle, SGS provides a unique position to capitalize on the tremendous growth of the treatment of sleep apnea.

Midwest Implant Institute

Since 1980, The Midwest Implant Institute has taught thousands to perform safe, predictable, and successful implant surgeries through hands-on live surgery by the participant that encases skills of all levels. Based in Lewis Center, Ohio, the Midwest Implant Institute lecture sessions and externship programs are considered some of the most comprehensive and advanced throughout the nation. The Midwest Implant Institute provides the highest quality education coupled with a true “hands-on” clinical and surgical experience for the doctor and staff.